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Do you remember all those people who bought crypto when it was worth pennies on the dollar? Now they are sitting on top of a "CryptoFortune", and you are left thinking: "When will my ship come in? Why can't I be the one in the right place at the right time?"

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How Does FastCash Work?

In JANUARY 2018, the genesis FastCashMoneyPlus contract was deployed to the blockchain. This contract ensures that FastCash is LIMITED and SCARCE digital resource, and that only 1 million can be minted in it's life time. But it isn't very useful for these coins to sit in a digital "vault" collecting dust. You can also BUY and TRADE FastCash with the OFFICIAL FastCashMoneyPlus wallet! For more details, please read the whitepaper.

What Gives FastCash it's Value?

FastCash is valuable due to the simple and time-tested laws of Supply And Demand. Since there will only ever be 1 MILLION FastCash in existence, the supply is completely fixed. You heard that right! Unlike the modern centralized fiat banking system, we can't just create more FastCash, bringing on a hyperinflationary environment! This means that, as DEMAND for FastCash inevitably grows, it's value will SKY-ROCKET!

Additionally, the price of buying FastCash from the central bank will increase by a CONSTANT RATE of 20% every week! At this rate, each FastCash could be worth roughly $100,000 after 71 weeks! As the price goes up, you can basically ARBITRAGE your investment! So buy your FastCash now, before it's too late!


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